Oracle ASH Monitoring / EvenTorEx

EvenTorEx: Event Collector/Index

Oracle ASH is short lived - only 1/10th of it’s sampling is saved in AWR.  We loose a lot of fidelity and some session details going from ASH to AWR.  My proposal is to develop a monitoring framework that:

  1. Samples ASH every N minutes and captures the live heartbeat of the database.
  2. Allows you to define thresholds on top of this sampling and notifies you if something is amiss.
  3. Saves all this data for historical purposes so that when AWR is wiped out you have solid performance metrics years later.
  4. Monitors LOCKS
  5. Monitors SPACE
  6. Delivers this functionality in an easy to deploy (single binary) distribution that only takes a minute to install on a new host.

Does this sound like something you’d like in your shop? If yes - then I’d like to hear from you because I am building it! Sign up for the mailing list below to start the discussion and get the private beta as soon as it’s ready (no SPAM here I guarantee it!):

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